One more test done

October 31. So I had my pelvic ultrasound. The appointment was at 5:30p, and I was in my car driving home at 5:45p. The technician said my doctor would have the results the next afternoon. “Great,” I say. She was wearing cool earrings. I told her they’d look great with my shirt. She agreed, and we had a laugh. To me that was a good sign. If she had seen anything bad, I don’t think she would have been laughing.

One more test down. I try not worry about the outcome since it was ordered as a precaution. But you know your mind goes off on these weird side trips. But then I would remind myself that we shared a laugh. Good sign.

A weed is no more than a flower in disguise. —James Russell Lowell

I wish the same could be said of cancer.

4 Replies to “One more test done”

  1. Love your positive attitude Lana. I know how difficult it is in light of all of the unknowns, but know this, a positive outlook will do wonders for your mental and physical health. We’re thinking of you daily.


    1. Thanks, David. I’m on the ride, and there is no getting off right now. What else can a poor girl do? Enjoy the sunshine on my face and be grateful for all that I do have. That includes having people like you cheering me on and believing the best outcome is the only possibility. So, once again, thank you. Thank you.


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