No news is good news?

November 2. I have not heard a word about the outcome of my ultrasound. One thing I have learned about cancer, and I assume any other life-threatening illness, is that you only get a call when it’s bad news. Otherwise you get a letter saying that everything was normal, or clear, or clean, or negative. So I think I’m going to get a letter. I’m feeling very optimistic about the outcome.

As for Dr. Rugo… still no phone, no email, no voice message. Dammit. Yes, she has been out of the country for I don’t know how long, and I know I’m just one of many, many cases she has (or in my case, hopefully will have). So, the plan is to get ahold of her office on Monday. Three days is plenty of time for her to catch up, see patients, review cases, return phone calls, and all the other things a prominent oncology doctor must do. Right?

I don’t know why but the lyrics and melody of a Tom Petty song keeps rolling around in my brain. I guess because I just want to get going.

Time to move on.
Time to get going.
What lies ahead
I have no way of knowing.
Under my feet, babe.
The grass is growing.
Time to move on.
Time to get going.

It’s time to get going.

3 Replies to “No news is good news?”

  1. Hey girlfriend, waiting, waiting, waiting. Must be agonizing, but what I’ve seen with other friends, kind of like what you said–if it’s really bad, they’ve been whisked down to UCSF the same day, so hopefully all the waiting is a good sign.
    Love you girl!


  2. Thank you for the update. Agreed that no news is good news. I also understand your desire to move along. Sending you a big hug and all my best today and always. Love you Lana!


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