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As of this writing, I’ve had cancer three times. First at age 47 with estrogen receptive breast cancer, then 19 years later with a recurrence of breast cancer diagnosed as triple-negative. I was given 16 rounds of infused chemotherapy (13 before surgery and 3 after), a port placement and removal, multiple blood draws, ultrasounds, MRIs, and surgery for triple-negative cancer in lymph nodes both under my right arm and between my pectoral muscles. Six months after my last treatment, I had another recurrence requiring surgery, followed by radiation and 11 months of oral chemotherapy.

Prior to getting any treatments, I did a lot of research into what options were available or recommended by various individuals. It’s the same approach I took in 1999 when I was diagnosed with estrogen-receptive breast cancer. Ultimately, that led me to UCSF and Dr. Leong and a sentinel node biopsy of the lymph nodes rather than an axillary dissection, which was the standard at the time. All my adjuvant therapies were at Redwood Radiology in Santa Rosa, California and included chemotherapy and radiation.

Below are lists of my caregivers and links to their bios as well as a list of all of the cancer-related procedures I’ve had since my cancer diagnosis in September 2018. There are also links and lists of other cancer-related information I feel is worth sharing.

My caregivers – 2018-2021

My caregivers – 1999

2021 Procedures

  • PET/CT – February 23
  • PET/CT (with contrast) & breast MRI – June 14
  • Dexa scan – June 15

2020 Procedures

  • Mammogram – January 17
  • Breast ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy – January 21
  • PET/CT – January 29
  • Breast MRI – January 30
  • Breast ultrasound guided magseed placement – February 5
  • Breast lumpectomy – February 12
  • Diagnostic mammography & mammogram – September 17
  • Breast MRI – November 17

2019 Procedures

2018 Procedures

UCSF Appointments


  • PET/CT Abdomen/Pelvis, CT Chest – 10/4/21
  • In office visit – Dr. Rugo – 10/5/21


Anti-angiogenesis therapy

Traditional therapy – cut, burn and poison

Health information resources

Alternative considerations