Limbo land

October 19. Waiting to get authorizations for an ultrasound I need to get before I go to UCSF. Waiting to hear from UCSF scheduling. Guessing I should hear something by Monday or Tuesday.

October 22. Called Adventist Health Imaging. Left a message. Waiting.

October 23. Called Adventist Health Imaging. They still do not have authorization from insurance for the ultrasound. They will call my insurance to find out why. They will call me back.

They call back to say Dr. Wang’s office needs to send the order for the ultrasound to insurance for authorization. I say I thought that was done last Thursday (October 18). No. Insurance doesn’t have it and Imaging can’t schedule the ultrasound without it.

I call Dr. Wang’s office. They seem confused by my request and I explain the situation. I’m sympathetic and joke that it’s a full moon. Things happen during full moons. We share a laugh. That’s good. I’ve found that it’s really important to make friends with those who schedule appointments. I ask if there is anything I can do to expedite the situation. They tell me they will take care of it and call me back.

Waiting. Still have not heard a word from UCSF. Waiting. Looks like I’ll be making more phone calls tomorrow and…of course…waiting

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  1. waiting is always the hardest; wanting the schedulers to feel the same urgency you feel and your friends feel. love you


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