Forward motion

October 24. Contact was finally made with UCSF. It was a bit of a cluster since first they said they hadn’t received a referral, but then it turned out they had. And they did not have copies of my medical history and procedures to date, but then they did.

Biggest challenge. Dr. Rugo doesn’t just see anyone who is referred to her. In my favor…I have not had any treatment for my current diagnosis. My cancer is not easily defined. It is currently considered a recurrence…but is it?

Rugo is currently out of the country. My case is on her desk and, hopefully, she will see it when she returns on Wednesday. Halloween. Best case scenario. I get a call with an appointment to see her in the next week or so. Or…I get referred to another oncologist at UCSF.

October 25. I decide to drive over to Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Imaging on my lunch hour to see if the authorization has been approved for a pelvic ultrasound in person. Phone calls just aren’t working for me.

Let me check. Yes. Didn’t Dorothy call you?

Smiling, more like smirking that I try to make look like a smile – No. That’s why I’m here.

The first available appointment is Wednesday the 31st at 5:30 p.m. Will that work for you?

Halloween? That’s creepy. More smiling/smirking – Yes. I’ll take it, but let me know if there are any cancellations. I have a flexible schedule.

Drink 32 oz. of water before you come. You need to have a full bladder.

Oh, boy.