March 31, 2023. As someone living with MTNBC that is Stage 4 and unresectable, it’s rare for your oncologist to smile or show any excitement after an examination. That’s been my experience for the past 4-1/2 years, anyway. But last week, a week ago Wednesday, when Dr. Rugo examined the area where my main tumor resides, she said, “I can’t feel the edges!” She was smiling. She was excited. It was a thrilling moment, and it made me excited, too. It felt I could quit holding my breath and genuinely enjoy the moment.

As I traverse my way as a lab rat in this research study, I’ve been fortunate to be favored with a bit of good news every week. Encouraging news. Today my tumor maker number posted from Wednesday’s blood draw, and it was 11.4. It was at 12 just three weeks ago. More great news.

This week I completed Cycle 4, Day 8. My next treatment (Cycle 5, Day 1) will be on April 12. I’m enjoying a week off, although I do have CTs scheduled for this coming Wednesday. Fingers crossed the scans will show that the nodules in my lungs are continuing to shrink as well.

I’m grateful for the opportunity this trial has afforded and genuinely hope the good news continues through the end of the study. It’s exciting to think that my successful participation might open the door to a treatment option that could extend the life expectancy of what must be thousands of other MTNBC patients like me.

Enjoy the little things. For one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. –Robert Brault

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  1. I havw had a good feeling that the encouraging news was going to continue. I would have loved to see that smile your doctor had when she told you the great news. Looking forward to hearing about a good CT scan result. Thanks for making my day!

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  2. Lana, your last report is AMAZING! and how much you’re learning about the disease as well as your other inner workings… I’m so happy you decided to be a lab rat. I’m sure there will be others who will be grateful for anonymous you taking that chance. Will you get the trial report when this is over? I’m sending healing love and thoughts that the lung tumors are shrinking as well, love you gal, Ree

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